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Management Board

(Office Bearers)

Office Bearers of the PNG Trade Union Congress are elected through Congress bi-annually except for the General Secretary position where the incumbent is appointed by Congress (NEC) for a four (4) year term in office.

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our talented leaders form the inner core of PNG Trade Union Congress. Their collective wisdom have and will continue to set the direction and drive the mission of our organization as it continues to develop and adapt to the ever evolving labor landscape on shore and internationally. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible members.

Our Board: Affiliates obligations
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John Paska

JP as he is commonly known, was associated with the PNG Trade Union Congress since his initial engagement in 1988. He started off as a Research Officer under General Secretary then, Lawrence Titimur. He became the General Secretary after Titimur left in 1991 until he was succeeded by Clemence Kanau in September of 2019. John Paska is the third and the longest serving General Secretary of the PNGTUC since its inception in 1974 in Lae. He is a self made trade unionist and an icon of labour rights in PNG. During his long tenure as the General Secretary, he served for almost 15 years without pay. An ideal demonstration of passion and loyalty, unmatched across the South Pacific, to the labour cause. Paska holds a Law Degree from the UPNG and Masters from the University of Queensland. The man is an institution.

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