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No trading of human lives for jobs.

Date: 19th October 2021

The affiliates of PNG Trade Union Congress, in a meeting on the 14th October 2021, made the following resolutions/statements regarding COVID 19 and vaccination in relation to freedom of choice and freedom of employment as stated in section 48 of our Constitution.

Background to Workers Resolution.

Prevention is the primary objective of vaccination. It should have immunized people from infection, and if infected, prevent transmission.

Information available both on and off shore; and on mainstream and social media platforms including real personal experiences shared, severely dent confidence in the primary purpose of vaccination.

Fear mongering by way of publishing of selective information overly concentrated around the unvaccinated cluster of the population by health authorities, with limited to nil disclosure of statistics on side effects and deaths expedited by vaccination, offers very little room for workers including the public to make inform choices, that is, to get vaccinated or otherwise.

Workers will not be allowed to be used as guinea pigs to trail vaccines that have not passed clinical trials with no concise statement of liability.


  1. We recognize that COVID 19 is real and COVID 19 kills.

  2. We support Government policy on voluntary vaccination.

  3. We insist that any vaccination should be by consent.

  4. We insist that cost of any Compulsory COVID Testing (instead of compulsory vaccination) be borne by employers or the State.

  5. We agree that New Normal Protocols including wearing a mask, hand sanitization, social distancing amongst others must be made mandatory for as long as necessary in containing the virus.

  6. We insist that private sector employers and government departments and other bodies supporting compulsory vaccination must bear liability for any post jab adverse medical condition developed or post jab deaths.

  7. We insist on no indiscriminate vaccination imposed by employers. Employers must arrange full medical checkup of all employees pre jab to avoid liabilities after vaccination. Failing this as stated in E above applies.

  8. We insist that the State pays in full cost of COVID Tests carried out by employers and subsidize or reimburse employers cost of full medical checkup arranged by employers for their employees.

  9. We do not support compulsory vaccination and condemn any employer including government departments and bodies perpetrating compulsory vaccination and therefore discriminating against citizens with threatened or actual job loss for the following reasons;

    • Both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons can get infected;

    • Both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons can transmit the COVID 19 and Delta variant virus;

    • Status of people with underlying conditions need to be ascertained before they are invited to take the vaccination; 

    • Compulsory vaccination is contrary to existing national government policy and the actions of other government departments and bodies and should be cited as insubordination; and,

    • Whilst all other qualified rights in the National Pandemic Act 2020 are regulated, there is no mention of Section 48 pertaining to Freedom of Employment been regulated in the same Act.

  10. We condemn any misinformation from any party advocating for compulsory vaccination and therefore they must cease the following;

    • Stop misinformation stating that vaccination is 100 percent protection against infection from COVID 19; and,

    • Stop misinformation stating that vaccination will stop transmission from vaccinated persons to others.

  11. We insist that factual information including how many vaccinated and how many unvaccinated persons getting infected and recovering or dying should be made available to the general public.

  12. We will pursue all our rights in our National Constitution as well as rights enshrined in the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 to ensure the rights and freedoms of our citizens are respected.

We reserve the right to pursue industrial action and we will seek legal redress including laying a complaint with the Ombudsman Commission and other relevant agencies in the event employers and other government bodies continue to employ compulsory vaccination and other unnecessary mandates at the workplace.

PNG Trade Union Congress and Affiliates namely;

  • PNG Teachers Association,

  • Public Employees Association (PEA),

  • PNG Banks & Financial Institution Workers Union (PNGBFIWU),

  • Police Association,

  • PNG Nurses Association,

  • National Airlines Employees Association (NAEA),

  • PNG Flight Attendants Association (PNGFAA),

  • Correctional Services Staff Association (CSSA),

  • PNG Communications Workers Union (PNGCWU),

  • Community Health Workers Association (CHWA),

  • Security Industry Workers Union (SIWU),

  • Fisheries Workers Association (WFA),

More affiliates are signing on to endorse the collective position here. Listed above are industry based trade unions headquartered in Port Moresby. Affiliates located outside of Port Moresby are in the process of endorsing these workers position and they are:

  • RD Tuna Fishing Workers Union (Madang based),

  • Milne Bay Estate Workers Union (Oil Palm workers),

  • Kimbe Oil Palm Workers Union,

  • Ramu Agri Workers Association,

  • Porgera Mine Allied Workers Union,

  • Ok Tedi Mine Allied Workers Union,

Campaigns: Campaigns

Employment Benefits

Png Trade Union Congress is proud to support and push for change throughout the labor landscape. This is a very serious issue that impacts workers worldwide. We address this issue head on, and rally the support and resources needed to make change a reality. If you would like to find out more information about this issue, as well as others, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Safety Standards

This particular labor campaign has been increasingly gaining coverage all over the world. Why exactly? It is an issue that needs to be addressed, and heavily discussed among politicians and industry-experts alike. Png Trade Union Congress is pushing for change, and is doing everything we can to see a brighter future.

Would you like to support our efforts?

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