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About Us

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Here at Png Trade Union Congress, we’re committed to improving the lives of working men and women. Since 2000, we’ve been a leader in the fight for economic and social justice in the workplace. Our Trade Union has played an important role in passing landmark labor legislation, negotiating better working conditions and securing stronger employment benefits.

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Constitution of PNGTUC

PNGTUC Organizational Structure

Good to Know

The Organizational  Structure is derived from the Constitution of the PNGTUC. The hierarchical component of the organization cascades down in the following manner.
- Congress (Supreme Authority)
- Executive Council (EC)
- Management Board
- Secretariat
- Auditor


Obligations of the PNGTUC

Important Info

Our organizational roles and responsibilities are defined by the Constitution of the organization (PNGTUC).


Affiliate Unions

Key Facts

Out of the 70 active trade unions incorporated at the Industrial Registrar's Office (Division of Department of Labour & Industrial Relations), 35 are affiliates' of the PNGTUC

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